Monday, February 27, 2017

Top Reasons to Choose Scott Clark Nissan for Your Automotive Care Services

All vehicle owners will need to perform some type of upkeep on their vehicle in order to keep it looking and running at its best for as long as possible. A few recommendations for basic care include periodic washes and usual maintenance. Proceed with caution as routine maintenance practices and services can vary from shop to shop, or save yourself the stress by entrusting Scott Clark Nissan with your Nissan service needs.

Not convinced? Below are some of the top reasons our customers keeping returning to us for their auto repair and maintenance needs.

Genuine OEM Components

Some car service centers utilize low-grade parts and tools to conserve money, however this can have negative impacts on your car. When Nissan engineers developed and manufactured your automobile, they utilized parts that would work well together and deal with the tension put on the car. Sometimes when genuine parts are replaced with alternative parts, the outcome may be unfortunate. A vehicle may not react well to the sudden change causing more problems than it fixed. At Scott Clark Nissan, we consistently utilize genuine parts from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), making certain that Nissan trucks, cars and SUVs will operate properly after a visit to our auto repair center.

Nissan Parts and Service Experts

Whether you drive a truck, sedan, or SUV, Nissan vehicles have some special aspects that set them apart from others. If you take your Nissan into a shop staffed with technicians who aren't knowledgeable about the inner workings of this kind of vehicle, you less than desirable results. Expect to pay more money at a repair shop that is unfamiliar with your type of vehicle considering that Nissan automobiles come from Japan. Service on imported cars has the tendency to cost more at little service center, given that the professionals don't always know ways to get the parts or manage even fundamental repairs. Also consider the added labor cost that may results from the extended time needed by other technicians to “figure things out”.
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Nevertheless, when you bring your Nissan to us at Scott Clark Nissan, you can feel confident in our abilities. Our service department consists of certified professionals who have been through rigorous accreditation courses and exams. Each of our employees comprehend Nissan automobiles and can detect and fix problems with ease. Our staff is likewise happy to help you stay up-to-date with the recommended upkeep plan to extend its lifespan and ensure it continues operating for years to come.

Advance Tool and Equipment

At Scott Clark Nissan, we have the very best equipment and tools available to provide exceptional service to every vehicle visiting our Nissan dealership in Charlotte NC. We continue to enhance our service department to deliver on our guarantee to be the very best in the area.

We Build Lasting Relationships

Some drivers simply take their vehicles to the store that offers the most inexpensive rate for a particular service. This frequently results in jumping from location to location and never ever establishing a relationship with your automobile's service provider. However, if you bring your Nissan to us at Scott Clark Nissan, you can easily establish a relationship with our personnel and have a dependable ally to help with your vehicle. Lots of people don't truly comprehend precision mechanics of their used or new cars making it all the more practical to have somebody they trust to diagnose issues and suggest the right fix.

Don’t hesitate to entrust your Nissan to us, the experts at Scott Clark. Schedule an appointment and see the distinction for yourself. We are your neighbors and we are proud to offer the best experience for every person who visits our new and used car sales and service center.