Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Fun-Filled Summer Camps for Kids in Charlotte

There no reason to let your kids sit around all Summer doing nothing. Utilize this time to introduce your children to new ideas and cultures. This can happen in without leaving Charlotte, North Carolina. Here are some of the summer programs available in the area. Once you pick one, its just a matter of loading the kids into your Nissan car and going.

Hornets Hoops Summer Camp

Many kids in Charlotte love to watch and play basketball. Help them improve their skills by taking them to one of the summer camps hosted by the Charlotte Hornets. The Hornets have Hoops Summer Camps throughout June, July, and August, so you just need to find a time and place that matches your family’s schedule.

Hoops camps last three or four days. During those days, your kids will receive instructions from professional coaches and players. Some of the skills they will learn include ball handling, rebounding, footwork, and shooting mechanics. Kids also get to participate in competitive games that challenge them to put their new skills into action.

Splash! Summer Camps at Charlotte Academy of Music

This summer the Charlotte Academy of Music will host 10 five-day camps and seven three-day camps. Each camp session focuses on a specific musical or skill. For instance, your child may want to participate in the Harry Potter Camp from July 10 to 14. The class uses the Harry Potter stories to introduce children to music theory concepts. Instead of taking a boring class, kids get involved and have fun during the summer camp.

Other popular summer camps planned for 2017 include Bucket Drumming, Intro to Guitar, Piano Palooza, and Suzuki Violin. By the time your children finish these summer camps, they should have a basic understanding of a musical instrument or concept. If they want to continue learning, you can sign them up for additional classes that will help them build on their new skills.

Bodyology: The Science About Me (STEM Summer Camp)

Bodyology: The Science About Me teaches elementary schoolgirls about how their bodies work and how they can live healthy lifestyles. Kids will learn by making arts and crafts projects, conducting experiments, participating in physical activities, and using the scientific method.

The camp will take place from August 8 to 11.

Miller Street Dance Academy Summer Day Camp Listings

Don’t let your children spend the summer watching television and playing video games. Get them active by enrolling them in the summer day camp at Miller Street Dance Academy.

Miller Street Dance Academy has camps for kids ages 3 to 8 and 9 to 12. Classes for younger children focus on activities such as tumbling and cheering. Older kids get to experience four days of intensive dance training that introduces them to a variety of styles, including Hip-Hop and Jazz.

Miller Street Dance Academy has locations in South Charlotte and Fort Mill. The company has several summer camps with various prices, so talk to a representative at Miller Street before you enroll your child.

Many kids spend their summers aimlessly traipsing through their neighborhoods looking for something to do. Fill their free time with summer camps that will teach them new skills that open them to new opportunities in the world as well as keep them safe. A good Summer program will keep your child's mind sharp and keep them on a routine, known to be important to child development.

We hope you and your children the your summertime fun, and remember to visit our Nissan dealership with any auto repair needs.