Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Three Great Nissan Vehicles for the Everyday Commuter

If you’re among the several who is planning to get a new car to handle your commutes, Nissan is the brand for you. In addition to offering great gas mileage, they are very instrumental in saving money in the long run. Oh, and they also have seats that offer comfort (especially to your behind), which can be a true blessing when you're stuck in a seemingly never-ending gridlock (Nissan sure knows quite a thing or two about making comfy car seats that are in-budget).

Here are three great Nissan vehicles that are ideal for those who commute daily, and value comfort as much as they value utility:

Nissan Altima

If you want to feel absolutely in control of yourself, Nissan Altima is the car for you. The vehicle offers superior handling, and thus allows you to be able to slide between lanes as space opens up and make it home from work in record time. The car also has some cool add-on (but paid) features (you will need to spend some money to get these), such as a lane-departure system to alert you if your level of alertness starts dropping, and heated power seats.

And if you're feeling a bit adventurous, you can upgrade from the standard 182-hp engine to the stellar 270-hp V8 engine. Guaranteed, with a vehicle as great as this, you're never going to be late for work again.

Nissan Versa

If your top priority is space, the Nissan Versa is just the car for you. Despite being a subcompact car, the Versa gives a whopping 15 square feet worth of storage space. Which implies that you'll be left with plenty of space to fit in all the extra stuff that you may have to carry to work and back.
The Nissan Versa also has a comfortable interior, along with a very economical 31 city/39 highway mpg engine. It is available in a variety of different trims to suit all kinds of budgets, which makes for a great commuter sedan at budget price.

Nissan Leaf

If you want to commute in comfort, save a fortune on gas, and contribute to the environment while you're at it, the Nissan Leaf is the vehicle for you. The all-electric vehicle, with its impressive 126 city /101 highway mpg fuel efficiency allows you to go to work and back multiple times with just a single charge.

The awesomeness of the Nissan Leaf isn't limited to electric engine, however. It also packs in some very neat features such as intelligent steering, which will allow you to navigate through busy city streets with ease. It also has a nice and open interior, which will allow you to see everything that is around you and drive safely.

Believe it or not, a large part of commuting to and/or from work consists of sitting in traffic for a long time. At such times, comfort becomes a necessity. With vehicles such as these, your commuting time will become much sweeter, if not easier.