Monday, August 28, 2017

Driving Smarter With the Help of Nissan Connect

Nowadays, technology is readily available at every turn. Smartphones are practically glued to our palms and used for everything from the usual talk and chat to music, games, news, tools, and much more. As handy as they are, there are situation where you need to put down your phone such as while driving. At Nissan dealerships Charlotte NC, safety is a top priority but comfort and convenience are also important. With all in mind, they have developed the Nissan Connect Service allowing drivers to enjoy your devices hands-free while they drive. This goes way beyond speaker phone and voice command!

Are you the type of person that likes to be prepared whenever possible? Then, let us introduce the Nissan Connects smart phone app. This app will allow you to remotely some of the vehicle’s features like starting the engine and turning on heating or cooling. With a few touches to your phone you can also control the vehicles locks and alarm system.

Its sure is fun having so much control over your Nissan car or truck's using an app on your phone but, that’s not the only entertainment Nissan Connect has to offer. For iPhone users, the music and gaming experience from phone to car can now be seamless. Play music from your phone and once in the car get an instant connection.

With the versatility of Nissan Connect, user can use apps, the Connect touchscreen, or voice control. Even Siri can be controlled through the Nissan Connect voice control system. This means you can ask for a town’s history just as easily as you can make a phone call or change the radio station.

Parents can take advantage of a few very special safety features available with Nissan Connect. Teenagers and new drivers can be limited with curfews and distance limits and now Connect helps parents keep track. Set boundaries so you are alerted when the vehicle travels out of a designated area and setup a maximum speed. Teenagers may not like it but it is one great way to keep them safer.

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