Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Three Best Places for a Picnic in Charlotte

With cold days still upon us, now is a nice time to plan for warmer days ahead. We like to call it 'Nissan top down' weather. Take a look at this article below which highlights the best places to picnic in the Queen City during spring and summer.

With summer in full swing, residents and visitors are always looking for a great place to picnic. Whether you want to throw a BBQ, throw around the football, read a book, or just let your little ones run wild, Charlotte has a number of great outdoor spaces for you. Here are three of Charlotte’s public parks that are perfect for a memorable picnic.

Freedom Park

Visitors to Freedom Park come for the wide open spaces, the pond, and all the green. Located at 1900 East Boulevard, Freedom Park is a convenient and fun park for all of Charlotte to enjoy. The large grass lawns are a great place for a picnic. Don’t worry if it’s a hot day because you can catch plenty of shade under the huge (did we mention green?!) trees. Bikers of all ages and skill levels love exploring the extensive paths that weave their way through the park. The family-friendly pond is the real centerpiece of Freedom Park, and the stone bridge over the pond is cute and fun to bike over.

There is also plenty of flat areas with well-kept grass at Freedom Park. These are often occupied by groups playing a variety of sports. Whether it is volleyball, soccer, or football, these space in these areas can be limited on busy weekends. It is a first come first serve basis, so make sure you get there early on a weekend if you are trying to organize a pickup soccer game.

Romare Bearden Park

Located uptown, at 300 S. Church Street, Romare Bearden Park is a big grass oasis in the middle of Charlotte. It is right next to the ballpark and it takes up a full square block. Visitors strolling through downtown Charlotte NC can find a welcome, green retreat at Romare Bearden Park. But, this park is much more than just a large patch of grass.

This is a family-friendly parked that is well-loved by residents and workers in the downtown area. During the week, you’ll see business professionals lounging on the grass catching a break from the office grind. While on the weekends, there is a fountain that kids can play in, so bring your swimsuits if you plan on stopping by. Additionally, small, free concerts are held at the park during the summer.

First Ward Park

At 301 E. Seventh Street, First Ward Park is one of Charlotte’s newest and most popular parks. Located uptown, First War Park has plenty of nearby parking and eating options. The park has several beautiful grass lawns with a stylish fountain feature on the north end. It has a modern design, helping it blend in with its surroundings.You can pick up a little snack or full meal at the delicious 7th Street Market and bring it to the park to enjoy in the sun.

There are so many great parks in Charlotte, whether you are downtown or in the suburbs. You can easily find your perfect spot and enjoy the summer weather while it lasts.

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