Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tips for Dealing With Car Sick Kids in a New Nissan

Most parents have been there before. You hop in the car with your family for a road trip or are traveling for the holidays when the unthinkable happens: your child gets car sick. It’s never a fun thing for anyone involved, and parents often feel helpless as they watch their child get car sick from the rear-view mirror. Matters are mde slightly worse when traveling in a brand new Nissan. But have some hope! We’re here to tell you tips to help avoid this. Whether your child gets sick on longer car rides or every time you drive somewhere, the below tips will help keep your child from getting car sick.

Tip #1: Manage Their Meals Before Traveling
There are certain foods that can upset your little one’s stomach more than others. When you know you’re going on a long road trip (or will be in the car for longer than normal), we recommend avoiding fruit, fruit juices, all dairy products, and artificially flavored items. Why? The sugars found in can cause upset stomachs. Plain biscuits, bread, and bagels are great options that will fill your child up without upsetting his stomach.

Another tip coupled with meal time is to eat at least a half hour before you start traveling in the car. This half hour will let the food start to digest and settle, which can definitely help to stave off car sickness.

Tip #2: Strategically Pick Car Entertainment
Common car activities, including reading and coloring, can make children more susceptible to car sickness. Looking down with such intense focus can cause or worsen car sickness. Even looking out the side window can cause dizziness in children. If possible, we urge you to have your little one look out the front windshield. You can keep your children entertained by playing their favorite music or playing a car game, such as license plate bingo.

In conjunction with the above, it’s best to keep the interior of your car cool. Not only will the fresh air help to keep things circulating, but the cool air will help to keep your child comfortable. If your child gets too warm, he is more likely to become nauseous. Some think a Nissan with sunroof is best for this.

Tip #3: Be Prepared With A Car Sickness Kit
Even the above tips won’t necessarily help to prevent car sickness all the time. We recommend packing a kit to keep in your car at all times. Items to include in this kit are Dramamine, plastic zip-lock bags, baby wipes or other cleaning wipes, a towel, change of clothes, and water. These essentials will help to easily clean up if your child does get sick in the car.

And those are just some of the tips that we found to be successful to help children keep from getting sick in the car. Of course, illness is sometimes inevitable, and we wish you and your little one well on the off-chance that he or she does get sick. What are some other tips you’ve tried to help avoid car sickness?